South Jersey’s Premier Catering

Bogey’s is pleased to offer South Jersey’s finest gourmet catering for events on and off-site. Serving groups from 50 to 250 guests, we provide hosts with food unparalleled in its quality, and service unrivaled in ease.

Our Food

Our executive chefs specialize in New American cuisine, a growing movement that allows us to dip into the world’s greatest culinary traditions, while retaining our core: the timeless preparations and techniques native to America. In recent months, we’ve treated guests to delicious forays into Puerto Rican, Jamaican, and even Korean cuisines. But that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our roots. Thick, juicy steaks, New Jersey’s freshest seafood, and the finest homegrown vegetables appear regularly on our individually-designed catering menus.

Our distinctive approach to catering is only surpassed by the versatility of our kitchen. We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions, and regularly prepare Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, and Vegan meals. Want a family favorite included in your menu? No problem.

Our Mission

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At Bogey’s, we believe that a menu is only as good as the ingredients that it highlights. Nowhere is this more true than in catering. The catering team at Bogey’s always works with fresh, not frozen, food. In fact, we are committed to serving farm fresh, locally-sourced produce whenever possible. We seek to emphasize sustainable culinary practices by utilizing the best of what’s in season, and supporting local farms.

On-Site Catering In Our Event Venues

Of course, you can always have your catered meals from Bogey’s “to go.” Just pick your favorite event space and we’ll work out the details. But what better way to compliment our gourmet catering than by holding your event in one of our exclusive spaces? From casual comfort to refined formality, each of our three event venues bring a distinctive atmosphere of their own to social parties, fundraising galas, weddings, and much more. At the same time, they sit waiting for the creative touch of a master host or hostess.

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Not sure where to begin? Check out our Events Page for more information on Bogey’s comprehensive event management program. Or find inspiration by learning more about our event venues:


Ideal for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and all manner of formal events, our Canopied Event Space is the classic “blank canvas” event venue – featuring clean white walls, generous views, and ample opportunities for personal expression.


In Bogey’s Restaurant & Lounge, guests meet to wile away the time in a relaxed, Old World setting. With handsome hardwoods, a full-length mahogany bar, and outdoor patio, this space is perfect for intimate gatherings of friends and family.


The La Pierre Ballroom is our off-site loft venue, featuring clean minimal lines, stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, and views of immaculate South Jersey woodland. Ideal for cocktail parties, anniversaries, and intimate wedding receptions.

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Just The Facts

Now that you’ve learned a little more about our approach to catering, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Below you’ll find detailed responses to the most common questions that we’re asked before catering an event.

Q: Will I Have A Pre-Event Tasting?

A: We wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, tastings for catered wedding are both pre-deposit and completely free!

Q: Will Costs Be Itemized Or An All-Inclusive Flat Rate?

A: Costs for our catered meals are generally itemized. But unlike many caterers, who will quote a package price and leave little room for negotiation, Bogey’s prices every catered event individually.

We’re committed to honoring both your desires and budget. We’ll never hide a charge when your back is turned. Instead, we’ll explain every expense clearly and plainly. That’s the way business should be done.

Q: Will The Same Person I Work With When Planning Also Oversee Meal Service At My Event?

A: Yes! In concert with our executive chef, you’ll design your catering menu with our banquet manager. On the day of your event, they’ll oversee every aspect of catering service, from preparation to plating to your guests’ table.

Q: Can You Provide Tables, Chairs, Plates, Linen, And Silverware?

A: Yes, and wine glasses, too!

Q: Can You Handle Table Settings?

A: Bogey’s is pleased to contract for decor and design arrangements. We also provide vendor suggestions, connecting event hosts to South Jersey’s premier vendors.

Q: Can You Provide Wait Staff?

A: Yes, Bogey’s is privileged to work with South Jersey’s best professional catering staff.

Unlike many caterers, we also provide a complimentary Maitre D’.

Q: Where Will My Meal Be Prepared?

A: Bogey’s catered meals are generally cooked à la carte to ensure the highest quality.

For that reason, we prefer catering off-site events at facilities equipped with prep kitchens.

Q: Do You Have A Catering License? What About Liability Insurance?

A: Of course, and we’re fully insured.

Q: Can You Help If I Need Permitting For My Event?

A: Planning a Casino Night to support your favorite charity? We’re only too happy to help.

Q: Can You Do Theme Menus, Like Luau Or BBQ?

A: It’s our specialty. Whether you’re looking for an exotic getaway or a good ol’ backyard bash, we’ll design a cohesive, themed menu using only authentic ingredients.