South Jersey Wedding Venue Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, the professional wedding planning and management team at Bogey’s has helped numerous couples stage the weddings of their dreams. From your very first design meeting¬†to the night of your reception, we’re here to answer your questions thoroughly and ease your mind with tested solutions to age-old dilemmas.

But before we get to that point in our relationship, we thought there were some things you should know about our wedding venue. These are the questions that brides, grooms, and their families keep asking us in their consultations:

Q: How Many People Can Your Event Venue Accommodate?

A: Bogey’s is home to three unique event venues.

Our Canopied Event Venue is ideal for wedding receptions and ceremonies. At 5,000 square feet, it can accommodate parties from 50 to 240 guests.

Bogey’s Clubhouse is our most relaxed space, ideal for guests looking to cool off with a drink pre or post-reception. At 2,400 square feet, it accommodates parties up to 200.

Q: What Is The Rental Fee? What Is Included In That Price?

A: At Bogey’s, we believe that every wedding is unique. More than that, we believe that every couple is unique. In line with our commitment, we offer individualized pricing to each client. As such, you won’t find any “packages” at Bogey’s. Instead, we work with couples to determine their ideal budget and then tailor our services to meet that expectation. For more information, contact our wedding event planners today.

Q: Can I Hold My Ceremony At Bogey's, Too? Is There An Additional Charge?

A: Bogey’s elegant wedding venue is complete with its own intimate ceremonial site. Use of our chapel is complimentary.

Q: Does Bogey's Offer On-Site Wedding Coordination?

A: At Bogey’s, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive event management services. Our full-service wedding planning team provides detail-oriented solutions to brides, grooms, and families in need of expert guidance.

From designing the floor plan to sourcing South Jersey’s finest floral arrangements, we work on your terms from start to finish.

For a full guide to our event management services for wedding parties, visit our Weddings page.

Q: Will I Have To Work Around Your Decor?

A: No! Our wedding reception venue is a “blank canvas,” pristine and waiting for a creative touch.

Our wedding management team is pleased to work with brides and grooms in the design of their wedding. Color palettes, table details, floral arrangements – we can do it all or work with you to realize your vision!

We also offer free up-lighting.

Q: Is The Site Handicap Accessible?

Q: Yes. Guests with mobility issues are fully accommodated at Bogey’s. A covered walkway ramp leads guests from the handicap accessible entrance to our reception venue.

Q: What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

A: We accept cancellations, although your initial deposit is non-refundable.

Q: Do You Have A Weather Contingency Plan?

A: The wedding venue at Bogey’s is fully prepared to weather any storm.

Our Tented Event Space rests on a solid foundation, keeping feet dry and spirits high long into the night.

The wedding venue’s canopy allows for seamless transitions in inclement weather. And our unique, covered processional hall allows guests at the wedding venue to access Bogey’s facilities and amenities without leaving cover.

Q: How Long Will I Have Use Of The Event Space I Reserve? Is There An Over-Time Fee?

A: Bogey’s sets no strict time limits for events.

Instead, you will have use of our wedding reception venue for as long as contracted. There is an over-time fee, and our professional wedding management team can assist you in determining how much time you should allot for your event.

Q: Is There A Bridal Suite?

A: Bogey’s offers brides the use of a comfortable staging area, complete with bathroom, showers, and vanities.

Q: Do You Offer Off-Season Discounts?

A: Yes! Contact our wedding venue coordinators for more information.

Q: Is There A Coat Check?

A: At this time, Bogey’s does not offer a coat check service.

Q: Is There An Outdoor Space Where My Guests Can Mingle?

A: Bogey’s offers multiple spaces for guests to mingle outdoors pre and post-reception.

Bogey’s wedding venue sits on the Pitman Golf Course, and guests are welcome to luxuriate outside on the manicured lawns.

In addition, Our Clubhouse Space is outfitted with a generous patio dining deck, complete with tables, chairs, and umbrellas. Guests can enjoy Bogey’s signature cocktails while overlooking the reception venue, the sloping lawns of the Pitman Golf Course, and our picturesque fresh-water pond.

Drink specials are available at the Clubhouse for guests of an event at Bogey’s.

Q: Do You Have An In-House Caterer?

A: Bogey’s executive chefs have catered events both on and off-site for decades.

Offering South Jersey’s finest hand-crafted Modern American cuisine, our professional catering staff is pleased to design event-specific menus of gourmet food. Learn more on our Catering page!

Q: Can I Taste The Food Before Finalizing My Menu?

A: Yes; in fact, we insist upon it!

Q: Are Food And Beverage Priced Per Person Or Per Consumption?

A: Bogey’s offers individualized pricing to all parties. We are pleased to contract either way, per person or per consumption.

Q: Can I Bring In A Cake From An External Baker?

A: At this time, Bogey’s does not offer a wedding cake baking service.

There is no cake cutting fee at Bogey’s.

Q: Are Tables, Chairs, Linens, Plates, Silverware, And Glassware Provided?

A: Yes, always.

Q: Are You Licensed To Provide Alcohol Service?

A: Yes, and alcohol can be priced either per person or per consumption. There is no additional charge for bar staff.

Bogey’s provides a complimentary Champagne toast for all wedding guests.

At this time, guests of Bogey’s are not allowed to bring their own alcohol.

Q: Is There A Time When My Music Has To End?

A: Music accompanying wedding receptions should end by 2 a.m.

Q: Can You Accommodate A DJ Or Live Band?

A: Bogey’s wedding reception venue is pleased to welcome your wedding’s entertainment.

Q: Is There On-Site Parking?

A: Yes, Bogey’s provides ample parking for event guests.

Our dedicated parking lot accommodates up to 400 vehicles. It is steps away from the venue, making a valet service unnecessary.

Q: How Many Restrooms Are There?

A: Bogey’s currently offers four restrooms, 2 Men’s and 2 Women’s, for the convenience of your wedding guests.

Bogey’s will soon provide dedicated bathrooms for the exclusive use of our wedding venue.

Q: Do You Offer Security Services?

A: Yes, you can feel safe hosting your wedding at Bogey’s.

Q: Do You Have Liability Insurance?

A: Yes, Bogey’s is fully-insured.

Q: Do You Have A Dance Floor?

A: Our wedding venue’s dedicated dance floor, made of luxurious Pennington Parquet, is 400 square feet.